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EGT is a Saudi owned and managed company, with a team of Specialist personnel fully committed to the fire alarm, low current , fire fighting and safety requirements of the community, the strong links established with manufacturers and suppliers ensure our company the best support, technical assistance and punctual delivery, our experienced directors have more than 12 years of supply experience in Saudi Arabia, we have grown to be one of the largest independent Fire Protection distribution and maintenance organizations in Saudi Arabia, the company supplies and services an extensive range of fire products, Systems, Low Currents, mechanical materials and other specialized lines that has access to a wide range of products and is strongly supported by extensive technical knowledge, EGT Sole distributer for COOPER JSb in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and we are Agent of SFFECO in southern province In additional to this, EGT also holds stock of bulk quantities of Fire alarm system enabling us to supply the systems in time.


Most Valuable Capital Are Our People, Partners & Clients

Creating long-term relationship and business partnership

Committed to the traditional business ethics to ensure the trust of our clients

Dedicated to Quality, Innovation, Efficiency, and Loyalty

Authorized Distributor

We are authorized distributor of British Shield and Cooper products, Pipes & Fitting. All supported by UL Listed to assure you a great pleasure with the results.
UL Approved

UL Approved

is an American worldwide safety consulting and certification company headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois. It maintains offices in 46 countries. UL was established in 1894 and has participated in the safety analysis of many of the last century’s new technologies, most notably the public adoption of electricity and the drafting of safety standards for electrical devices and components.

UL provides safety-related certification, validation, testing, inspection, auditing, advising and training services to a wide range of clients, including manufacturers, retailers, policymakers, regulators, service companies, and consumers.

UL is one of several companies approved to perform safety testing by the US federal agency Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA maintains a list of approved testing laboratories, which are known as Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories.

FM Global offers worldwide industrial and commercial product certification and testing services through FM Approvals®. Recognized and respected across the globe, FM Approvals certification assures customers a product or service that has been objectively tested and conforms to the highest national and international standards.

Industrial and commercial companies around the world rely on products and services that are FM Approved and specification tested to protect their properties from loss. The FM APPROVED mark, which is backed by scientific research and testing, tells customers your product conforms to the highest standards.



The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is a United States trade association, albeit with some international members, that creates and maintains private, copyrighted, standards and codes for usage and adoption by local governments. This includes publications from model building codes to the many on equipment utilized by firefighters while engaging in hazardous material (hazmat) response, rescue response, and some firefighting.

The NFPA was formed in 1896[1] by a group of insurance firms with the stated purpose of standardizing the new and burgeoning market of fire sprinkler systems. The scope of the NFPA’s influence grew from sprinklers and fire extinguishers to include building electrical systems (another new technology), and then into almost all aspects of building design and construction.


Fire Fighting System & Equipments

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Low Current System

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Mechanical Materials

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Pipe & Fitting

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Our fields of services

  • Building management systems
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Fire fighting System
  • Evacuation System
  • Master Clock Systems
  • Nurse Call System
  • Public Address
  • Car Park Management Systems
  • Energy Management and Lighting Control
  • Automated Gate Barriers
  • Security System
  • Telephone System
  • Central battery System and Emergency lights
  • Fire Fighting Systems
  • CCTV System

Markets we serve

  • Hotels and resorts
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Conference and Exhibition centers
  • Factories buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Governments Buildings
  • Collage buildings
  • Warehouse
  • And more…


  • Modern Building Style CONSTRUCTION
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  • Abdullah Bahwan Contracting EST.
  • Waleid al-Samman Contracting Company
  • Fire Fighting Protection System Company
  • GHORAIBEE Safety  EST.
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  • United Kinan Contracting CO.
  • Al Hokair Contracting CO.
  • International Contracting CO.
  • INDCO Contracting CO.
  • Al-Jazeera Paints
  • Works Contractors Trading and Contracting Company
  • Al-Morshid Contracting CO.
  • Panda Super market (Mahail Aseer)
  • Mansour Abdulkariem Contracting Est.
  • Al-Saned Contracting Est.

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